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Report from a Glassmen camp

Report from a Glassmen camp

by Drum Corps International

From a Glassmen press release: The Glassmen just wrapped up their first of two audition/rehearsal camps for the 2005 season just after the Thanksgiving holiday – and what a weekend it was! Although some members traveled from around the country to attend, the majority of applicants came from the Michigan/Ohio/Indiana area to participate in the three-day camp inaugurating the corps' 44th season.

The Glassmen full ensemble, taken this past weekend.
While most first-camp Friday evenings have previously been spent on just fundamentals, the Glassmen got off to a running start by diving right into several pieces of music in development for the exclusive
Toledo Valentine Theatre concert next May. Robert W. Smith and Patrick Roszell developed a couple of brass arrangements for the weekend, and are hard at work arranging the pieces that will become the 2005 summer program. In all, the brass line produced over eight minutes of music - in only 24 hours of rehearsal! Chris Hestin and his percussion team worked diligently with the huge turnout of members for the pit and battery, playing not only through exercises and the new 2005 cadence, but also almost four minutes of a full ensemble piece with the brass line in development for the spring concert. The color guard was hard at work as well - and it certainly looked like they had lots of fun! Tim Newburn and his talented staff worked with the young men and women in the guard to develop a strong dance and equipment techniques that they will build upon through the winter months. Some sections also starting marching fundamentals this weekend, which will come to fruition in the spring when the outdoor drill begins. The corps enjoyed the largest return rate ever of veterans the year -- more than 60 percent - which has made the competition that much stronger for each of the sections, particularly the brass line. This has allowed the corps to build upon the strong foundation of 2004 and move along quickly into the next season. The members present at the veteran meeting on Friday expressed their excitement at making the 2005 the best season for the Glassmen to date! As a result, Sunday afternoon's "show and tell" performance was incredible! The amount of hard work by the staff and members over the long weekend really paid off, and the audience showed their appreciation with rousing applause. Hearing the brass and percussion in fully rehearsed ensemble at such an early stage brought summer memories flooding back, and raised the excitement level to a peak in anticipation of the December camp's "show and tell" performance. The weekend encompassed more than just rehearsals. The design team conferred about the 2005 program, new souvenirs were released, and the volunteer council development and meetings got underway -- all while running a camp for hundreds of members at three different locations -- setting the stage for a very busy and fruitful new year! None of this would have been possible without the dozens of parents and volunteers -- both new and returning -- that turned out to help during the camp. The second audition/rehearsal camp will also be held in Toledo from
December 17-19. New applications for all instruments and sections will still be accepted. Additional information can be found at glassmen.org.

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