Luis Gonzalez, the father of Vanessa Gonzalez (the Kiwanis Kavaliers' top bass in 2002 and 2003) and part of the corps' support staff, wrote in with a report from their most-recent camp:

The Kavaliers' drum line rehearses at the corps' most-recent camp.
"At this very successful camp, the members played the whole Kiwanis Kavaliers' 2003 show in a block, and marched the opener. The 2003 show is named "All You Need is Love," featuring music from the Beatles. "It's very powerful and crowd-pleasing show, displaying moves and techniques never done by Kiwanis before. The 2003 drum majors, Chris Hastings and Sarah Toth, worked together for the first time, displaying their excellent directing talents. "The camp also featured drum line and guard sectionals. Half of the horn line practiced the drill of the opener while the other half was fitted for uniforms."