From a Magic of Orlando press release: The temperature is rising in Florida, as Magic of Orlando is in final preparations to hit the road. Director Dennis Cappello's phone rang off the hook today with people buzzing about last night's run-through. Brass caption head Gino Cipriani has never seen anything like it. The success the corps is having is due in large part to the tremendous enthusiasm shown by its members. Despite the usual May/June dilemmas of rain, insects, and stress-related injuries, everyone has been working as hard as their staff can push them. Cappello is extremely proud of how much everyone has accomplished, especially his staff. Even with the added pressure of having to change rehearsal locations (apparently, they were a bit too loud for the neighbors), everything is on, if not ahead of schedule. Cappello would like to invite everyone out to "A Night of Magic" which is being held on Saturday, June 14 at Lake Howell High School at 7 p.m. Along with Magic, both Heat Wave and Teal Sound will be performing. The corps is very excited about performing before an audience, and surely, this is a show the fans will enjoy. Although this year's program is very challenging, the corps is making it their own. The fans are in for a real treat!