Bluecoats Erin Rigelman, percussion captain: "Winter camps for the Bluecoats have been great so far. The show is well underway and things are starting to sound awesome. We've had a chance to play quite a bit as a full corps in ensemble, and you can really feel the energy of this show -- and it's only March! The members are starting to gel and become more like a family as the audition process winds down and we all start to feel like Bluecoats. With the summer quickly approaching, a lot of communication among the membership has gone on in between camps. We have three camps left before move-ins (two camps in March -- one for brass only in Texas, and one for brass and percussion in Canton; full corps April drill camp), and I can't wait to see what we accomplish during that time. Things are very exciting in Canton, and we can't wait to share it with the world in June!" Aaron Brown, guard captain: "All around the camps have been awesome from what I hear and see with my own eyes. We are so much farther ahead this year than I remember from years past, and all of the color guard members that I have talked to are pumped about 2004!" Blue Devils Daniel Feast, assistant drum major: "Winter rehearsals are going extremely well. Along with much talent in both marching and music, the members are showing a lot of heart and dedication, even for this stage of the game. Right now, I think our best trait is our mental strength. This has allowed the corps to progress not only during camps but in between as well. I couldn't be more pleased and am whole-heartedly looking forward to the rest of the season." Blue Knights Mike Danner, the horn sergeant: "Camps so far have been amazing. Every camp we're getting so much better. I think that all the excitement has to do with all of the hype that is going on around the corps. With finals being in Denver, getting brand new horns, and having an amazing show coming together, there's no way you couldn't be excited about this year. I couldn't think of a better way to age out. Blue Knights 2004 -- check it out!" Jamie Mauldin, guard captain: "Winter rehearsals are going very well. We are really excited because we have a high returning vet rate and lots of new talent. We can't wait for you to see us this summer." Boston Crusaders Mike Benz, in-line drum major: "The progress that has been made in our winter season has been simply incredible. The corps is light years ahead of any other year, and we're feeding off of a really positive vibe. This should be a great year for the Boston Crusaders, and for fans everywhere!" Olin Johannessen, percussion section leader: "This winter season (leading up to Summer 2004) is the first time that the Boston Crusaders have ever had the full drum corps together before April. We've had the drum corps membership set since after the December camp, and have been rehearsing together as a full ensemble since January. To simplify everything I'm saying, I'll say this: How amazing! I'm certainly not used to having a full brass line behind me this early. It is most certainly a big step forward for us as a drum corps to be rehearsing so effectively and cohesively so early." The Cadets Matt Haines, drum major: "This group of Cadets seems to have a very strong sense of urgency. From staff members that have been with the corps for over 20 years all the way down to the auditionee fighting for one of the last few spots in the corps, everyone seems to want to make things work as fast as possible. Whether it be conference calls amongst the brass staff or section leaders using their meal breaks to make sure everyone in their section has memorized his/her music, it feels like a corps that wants to be great now rather than waiting until mid-July. I've had a blast at our winter rehearsals so far, and I can't wait until we're doing it every day." Paula Hyman, mellophone section leader: "I was totally depressed on my drive home from this last camp -- not because we didn't have a good weekend, but because I didn't want to leave. This has been the best winter since I have been at the Cadets -- the horn line sounds wonderful and the drums are rockin' it out, but more importantly, the corps is bonding extremely fast. Everyone has such a positive attitude -- it's awesome. Our show for this season is "The Music of Jethro Tull." This is some of the most exciting music I've ever played or heard. This season is going to be something incredible -- move-in cannot come soon enough." Michael Terry, baritone section leader: "Our winter rehearsals are going supurb! This past camp (Feb. 27-29) we were able to ensemble all of our opener ("Songs From The Wood") and about two-thirds of our second song ("Bouree") with the brass and percussion section. I must say that the drum line is going to be one of the best yet put out by the Cadets. The horn line also got the first third of our closer ("Thick as a Brick"). This show, I think, could be one that gets ranked up there with the 1993 and 2000 Cadets as far a being a crowd-pleaser. There seems to be a great want between the members of the corps to really strive to push ourselves to the limit see how great we can be. This year's corps is shaping up to be a very special one for the 70th anniversary of the Cadets." Capital Regiment Jake Drissell, horn sergeant: "Our winter season has been going great. The drum corps as a whole has shown much improvemen in a small amount of time. I believe that this is going to be the best year in Capital Regiment's short history." Will Stephenson, center snare: "The winter camps are going really well for us. The horn line sounds great and the drum line improves by leaps and bounds each weekend rehearsal. The way things are shaping up should make for a fun and "head-turning" summer." The Cavaliers Ben Collins, drum sergeant: "Camps are going well. It will be a great show." Colts
Mandy Idso, guard captain: "The guard is doing awesome at winter camps -- we are getting to know each other so well and startin' that family relationship right away. The girls are working sooooo hard. These camps make me want summer to come right now!" Kiwanis Kavaliers Rebecca Moser, color guard captain: "Every year the talent keeps getting better and better, and this year is no exception! We have made great progress on our show so far and I am very excited to perform "West Side Story." Of course, what other Canadian drum and bugle corps can say they spent their winter monthly camps outside in the hot Florida sun! Phantom Regiment DeLynn Mull, horn sergeant: "The camps are constantly progressive this season. The music book is getting cleaner each month and everyone is preparing for a challenging show to march. Our rookies are extremely talented and hardworking, and the veterans are ready to get on the starting line. Things are looking real good so far for Regiment this year." Nikki Turner, guard captain: "Camps are going phenomenally! Phantom Regiment will be a force to reckon with this summer." Pioneer Joshua Purvis, drum major: "The past camps have been nothing short of amazing. We are so far ahead of last year it is exciting to think about what's coming. I think a lot of this has to do with the increased numbers in the corps and the determination all the members have." Spirit from JSU Courtney Doolittle, guard captain: "So far the winter rehearsals have been very intense and extremely productive. The corps is very excited about the upcoming season, and that excitement transforms into an immense amount of focused energy in each rehearsal block."