Please assist Drum Corps International (DCI) in shaping our future and that of the marching music activity.

In September of 2016, the DCI Board of Directors engaged AMMR: Association Management & Marketing Resources, a highly regarded governance & management consulting firm to associations and nonprofits. DCI is utilizing AMMR’s wide range of expertise and experience to guide the organization through a formalized strategic planning process.

While DCI has made some massive strides in realigning its vision and mission while bringing stability to DCI’s organizational governance model, the Board of Directors see this “outside guidance and insight” as a way to sift through our current reality and help DCI move to the next level.

Consider this a culminating research and strategic planning process that will help DCI balance what we do with how we do it and most importantly unifying WHY DCI is doing it.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a strategic plan that has “stickiness,” that is doable, monitored and measurable. The new plan will be an evergreen guiding set of strategic objectives that can certainly be adjusted with the changing environment from year to year, but offers a forward-thinking, proactive trajectory for our organization. Establishing a new strategic plan helps insure a long-term more-sustainable future for all aspects of Drum Corps International.

The DCI member and participating organizations encourage you to answer one or all of the questions below through the provided link. Your anonymous responses will be captured, securely stored, and provided to the Strategic Planning Committee in an aggregate format as it deliberates the future vision, mission, strategic goals and objectives of the organization. All responses are collected by AMMR and are held confidential with data reported in the aggregate.

Please send along any comments through the following survey link by Friday, December 9.

 What are the one or two key trends that you see most affecting the Marching Music Activity or any of its sub-components over the next 3-5 years?

2. What are the one or two key issues that Drum Corps International MUST address in the future to effectively assist our member and participating organizations’ success for generating participation, advancing music education and expanding organizational influence at all levels?

3. Do you have any comments or suggestions as to how DCI can make the annual DCI Tour and World Championships and/or other educational events stronger and value added, and meet your future needs more effectively?

Thank you for your participation and input!