From a Revolution press release:
Revolution successfully completed its sixth and final monthly rehearsal camp for the 2005 season on a high note. The corps, focusing on learning new drill, reviewed drill to movement I and learned 15 new drill sets for movement II. The horn line also played all five movements and the percussion reviewed movements I, II and IV.
Baritone player Matt Boehm stated his thoughts about the final camp. "Learning 15 drill sets in a matter of about three hours was a challenge never pressed upon me in the past," said Boehm. "The concentration level required is something I've been yearning to do for a long time. I really look forward to learning many more drill sets at the same pace and perfecting them with the corps!" Nathan Valdez, a member of the field percussion, was impressed with the group's quick learning and retention. "I thought this weekend was great because we all went out there and learned and retained a lot, just like a championship drum corps should." Wren Gafford, a veteran member of the color guard, reflected on the guard's vast improvement over the weekend. "I'm very impressed with how quickly the guard learned the work to Movements I, and III. The guard's demand level is high but I know we can do it -- especially when we grow closer as a family during the upcoming spring training camp." Next up for Revolution will be spring training camp (also known as all-days) to be held June 12 through July 15 in San Antonio, Texas. There are still a few spots available in the guard and horn line. Anyone interested in joining Revolution should contact corps director GM Kuzma for more information at