From the Revolution Web site: The administrative staff and board of directors of Revolution YPA have decided that Revolution will take this summer of competition off. We will still run a small group of performers for the Sea World and local performances in the summer of 2004 to remain active and involved in the community. Those students that wish to continue will have the opportunity to still perform just not compete. As you all may know, this has been a very hard few weeks for all involved and the administration has done all it could to keep this from happening. With all the negative obstacles still in the way and without being able to overcome those obstacles to continue a competitive season, would be too costly on all involved. We have lost too many members in the brass section to honestly make the season work in a positive atmosphere for those that remain. For all those who are with us still, please contact the Corps Office to discuss specific arrangements for each individual. We will do all we can to accommodate your needs as quickly as possible. We thank all those for their support of Revolution in the past, present and future and ask that we be not dismissed completely from your support. We will take a few weeks to review what has happened and start back on a plan of action on having a successful full competitive season for the summer of 2005. A fresh start with a fresh plan. We ask that everyone, ourselves included, to look back on this as a learning experience, as all of life is, and take the best that you can from this. If you had decided to leave Revolution before this all happened, we ask that you remember the good times and successes you experienced and not look back with any regret. Only that way, can we all move on to bigger, better things. We wish you well in all that you do and strive to achieve. Plans are still in action to have a full winter season and more details on the summer 2004 events and plans for our 2005 Summer Season will be posted on our Web site. Thanks again for all your support through these trying times. We look forward to working with you again in the future.