From a Revolution press release: Words can't describe the events that took place this weekend. The corps has taken a drastic jump in growth both in actual size and maturity of achievement. The weekend began with the 2003 awards banquet at the Adams Mark hotel in downtown San Antonio, where the 2003 season video debuted. Plans for the 2004 season were also unveiled. The next morning was off to a surprising start. With 64 horns, 85 percussionists, 29 guard and eight drum major auditionees, the corps handled the most successful camp in its four-year history. Not only were attendance records broken, but the corps had some other achievements such as performing the entire 2004 opener. "The size and achievement of the horn line was nearly overwhelming and exceeded all our expectations," said Jeremy "Bird" Grange, brass caption head. "I am glad to see that the interest in corps is growing in Texas and heading our way," added Ajay Riojas, color guard caption head. Camp pictures as well as midi clips will be posted in the coming week. "This is by far the best start to our season we have ever had!" executive director John Rodriguez said. "The turnouts for auditions each year just keep getting better and better and the progress made towards the 2004 season have been extraordinary."