From a Revolution press release: Revolution's 2004 summer production will consist of four movements based on the theatrical film scores of James Newton Howard. Midi audio files of some of the movements will soon be available on the Revolution Web site.  An explanation from the Revolution press release: "In every facet of life emotions shape the world in which we live. From literature, art and even music, emotional influence molds the very fabric of our creativity, and allows us to express our thoughts, desires and fears. This is never more eloquently expressed and showcased than in cinema music. "A film's score has the ability to shape the emotional atmosphere needed to drive the visual thought and bring the story to life and for some, touch their very soul. In the second installment of the "Exploration" journey, Revolution will explore the ability that thematic music has to create atmospheres of emotion. As in life, you can never only experience one emotion; our humanity only allows us to take the bad in with the good. That is what drives the spirit within, and allows us to come full circle and evolve our humanity. Come feel, see and share the journey." The four movements of Revolution's program are titled "Contemplation," "Trepidation," "Confrontation" and "Resolution."