Monty Breneman, the 2003 Drum Major for the Eklipse (who aged out this past summer), sent in this pic. "This picture was taken at Ruby Tuesday's in Dekalb, Ill., during The Midwest Championships. We (from left to right, Ryan, Ben, Joey, T.J., and I) were chatting with the mother of a Bluecoats member about drum corps and about our corps, Eklipse, which was in its first year. "A few minutes later our cool waitress came over to our table with this huge dessert. We asked her who sent it and she said a guy from across the restaurant. We went to the table where he was supposed to be sitting, but he had already left. We asked around and someone said they saw him wearing a Minnesota Brass jacket. That evening when the Minnesota Brass entered the field to perform, the five of us yelled, "Thanks for the dessert!" "We saw a baritone player turn around and give a thumbs up, so we were fairly certain we had found our man. This is just one of the many things about my drum corps experiences I'll never forget." Thanks Monty!
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