From a Santa Clara Vanguard press release: The Santa Clara Vanguard leadership team is returning largely intact from last season. They have already been hard at work creating the 2004 production, "Scheherazade." The design team includes visual designer Myron Rosander, who will be celebrating his 20th consecutive year on staff for the SCV and his 25th year with the corps. Returning for his ninth consecutive year (and 12th overall) will be SCV's percussion arranger Jim Casella. Also returning on the SCV design team will be guard designer and caption head Adam Sage, along with brass arranger Key Poulan. Poulan will also be taking on the role of program coordinator for 2004. Percussion caption head Murray Gusseck is returning (his eighth year, 13th overall), as is visual caption head Ron Hardin (fourth year). Hardin will again serve as the staff coordinator. Gino Cipriani will serve as brass caption head.