Open to all corps in all divisions, the 2002 DCI Instructors' Summit on Education and Evaluation offered an opportunity for all corps staffs to discuss rules and the judging system. The following two rules proposals were submitted at the summit by George Hopkins, Executive Director of YEA!. As part of the annual rules consideration process, the instructors forwarded the two proposals to the DCI board of directors for them to consider at their meeting on January 25 – 27. There will be an announcement of the results of the vote shortly after the meeting. The Presentation for Proposals Allowing the use of Electronic Instruments and Amplification within the Marching Music Idiom Fondly called,"Drum and Bugle Corps"Presented by George HopkinsRule Change #1 – Beginning with the summer of 2003, the instruments knows as "front percussion" or "the pit" will be able to be amplified with the use of microphones, speakers, mixer boards and all other necessary electronic equipment. The amplification of the human voice would also be allowed. A marching member of the corps must perform the task of mixing the different inputs within the confines of the current field. Coaching is acceptable (in order to ascertain levels)Battery percussion and wind instruments may not be amplified. Intentional amplification of battery or wind instruments will be awarded a 5-point penalty at the discretion of the contest coordinator. If none is available, the chief judge may grant the penalty.Rule Change #2 – Beginning with the summer of 2003, electronic instruments can be utilized in any performance sanctioned by Drum Corps International. These instruments cannot include any wind instrument currently considered illegal within the activities of DCI. What could be used would include, but not be limited to electronic keyboards and electronic drum machines. The intention of the rule is to allow for the inclusion of those instruments within the percussion field that have risen with the growth of electronic music. Guitars would not be allowed.All instruments would have to be played in real time – Translation: one stroke equals one response. (NO TAPED Sequencing)Sampling would be allowed.