From a Santa Clara Vanguard press release: The Santa Clara Vanguard is pleased to announce its purchase of 64 new brass instruments from the Yamaha Corporation of America. Negotiations have been ongoing for the past several months culminating in an agreement in early March. The decision for SCV to transition to Yamaha horns was based primarily on Key Poulan's (program coordinator and brass arranger), recommendation. "I've been playing on Yamaha brass since 1984 and I'm convinced that the consistency of pitch, evenness of tone quality in all registers and it's overall reliability should have a very positive effect on the performance quality of the Vanguard horn line." Key went on to say that, "by using the best brass instruments available, it will provide a great opportunity for Vanguard to establish a new standard for the quality of our sound." Rick Valenzuela, corps director, stated that, "We look forward to adding Yamaha to our current list of corporate partners." Gino Cipriani, brass caption head, added, "It is extremely exciting to be joining one of the leaders in brass instruments. Yamaha not only is committed to the excellence of their instruments but also in building strong customer relationships." Community Minded The Vanguard organization has been expanding its support of the performing arts in the local area, most notably by the creation of Children's Adventures in Movement, a community outreach dance program designed for children between the ages of 4 and 12. "With the loss of many school arts programs," says Dan Vannatta, Vanguard's general manager, "there may be an opportunity to grow the relationship with the Yamaha Corporation by offering musical instruction programs in the future." The new Yamaha horns are expected to be delivered by the beginning of April and will be used in competition for the first time at Santa Clara Vanguard's home drum and bugle corps show, Pacific Procession, on June 20, 2004 at Cal State Hayward. Tickets for this event will be available through beginning on March 16, 2004.