In a statement released this evening, the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps has announced that it will opt-out of the 2023 Drum Corps International Tour.

The announcement, which followed in the wake of private communication with prospective and returning corps members and staff, cited “a multiplicity of financial stressors that culminated into an unavoidable financial shortfall,” ultimately resulting in their decision to “announce the cessation of operations … for the season of 2023.” The Vanguard organization continues to place a significant focus on the long-term financial sustainability of their operations and a commitment to fulfilling their organizational mission at the highest level.

“While we are disappointed by the loss of a storied DCI World Class corps from the tour in 2023, we unquestionably respect their decision to best address the current needs of their organization,” said Chris Komnick, membership chair of Drum Corps International and CEO of the Madison Scouts. “Since it is still relatively early in the audition cycle, we are confident that all of those who were seeking membership in the Vanguard organization will be accommodated in other ensembles.”

“For the past decade, we have been actively engaged in growing participation in drum corps and ensuring that our organizations are keeping up with the pace of evolution required by the changing needs of the modern-day performer,” Komnick said. “We will continue to support the efforts of the Vanguard and all corps, as we work together to create an even more sustainable path forward.”

“As organizations continue to reemerge from the significant challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are very attentive to ensuring that everyone who wants to march and take part in the unique DCI experience can find a corps and realize their dream of participation,” said Chris Holland, Chair of the Board of Drum Corps International and CEO of the Boston Crusaders.

"Pent-up demand led to a season like no other in 2022, which saw epic crowds and renewed engagement in DCI and its 50th anniversary celebration. Several of our ensembles are currently experiencing record-breaking audition interest from prospective performers for 2023 and our ticket sales are already off to a remarkably brisk pace,” added Holland. “As corps continue to adapt, adjust, evolve and reinvent themselves to better serve their members, we are very much looking forward to a 2023 tour which will provide life-changing experiences for thousands of students and entertain hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.”

“Santa Clara Vanguard holds the unique distinction of being the only corps in DCI history to finish as a finalist in each of the 50 DCI World Championship events staged since our inception,” said Drum Corps International CEO Dan Acheson. “Their absence from the 2023 tour will be significant.”

Acheson added, “DCI will continue to be actively engaged with – and will continue to support the efforts of – each and every World and Open Class corps and SoundSport teams to address challenges and increase their capacity to contribute fully to their individual and our collective success.”