From a Scenic City press relsaese:

Scenic City's drum line at a recent rehearsal.
Scenic City, a corps who has been consistently moving up the ranks since 1999, is really looking forward to the 2003 season, which is fast approaching. The March camp was the most successful yet – during it the corps learned more of its 2003 production (titled "Rhythms"). Corps manager Cameron Scott hopes to max out the brass line to the expected numbers soon. The brass line already includes six sopranos, three mellophones, 10 baritones and six contras. The corps is still in search of some upper brass players, and all interested members should visit to the corps Web site at and contact the corps as soon as possible. The percussion line is moving right along, with the help of their successful indoor drum line "Scenic City Velocity," which some members will be moving over from once WGI Championships are over. The guard will also be joining the corps soon in what hopes to be the corps best season yet. The next camp is scheduled for the weekend of April 25-27 at the home for Scenic City, and what is one of the best camp locations in all of drum corps, Bachman Academy in McDonald, Tenn. Camp directions and the 2003 tour schedule are now posted on the Web site: