From the YEA! Web site: Scott Litzenberg, director of the Crossmen from 1987-1989, is returning to that role, replacing Larry Markiewicz. Litzenberg is a familiar face to DCI. He's been a longtime DCI contest coordinator and a member of the DCI event staff. Lizenberg is a graduate of West Chester University, and was, for the past 22 years, a band director at Wilson High School (Pa.), Upper Darby High School (Pa.) and Unionville HS (Pa). Today, Scott is the music department chairperson and director of instrumental music at Unionville High School, located in Kennett Square, Pa. YEA director George Hopkins said, "It is time to move in the direction of excellence. We need a commitment. We need a new and improved plan.We need to experience success. I think Scott can provide that leadership while making a difference here. His history, his background and his personality make him an ideal candidate for the position," Hopkins said.