We're still editing and processing issues that came out of last weekend's DCI winter meetings. Ron Hardin, the Santa Clara Vanguard's visual caption head, proposed the front sideline rule, which passed unanimously. Read the front sideline rules proposal. We asked him why he proposed the rule.

Ron Hardin
"The proposal for the extension of the front boundary came after many years of dealing with on-field logistics and proximity problems. It seems that every year, we break out the tape measurers and try to condense wheels and stack things almost on top of each other, simply to fit within the 10 feet," Hardin said. "What inevitably happens is that pit equipment spills onto the field. Anyone who then brings the color guard to the front for an equipment transition has to back them up another few feet. This chain reaction forces designers to write the brass and percussion about six steps behind the front sideline, simply for clarity," Hardin said. "So, this proposal was written, really, to give an opportunity to bring the brass and percussion sections closer to the audience. Also, we will hopefully see cleaner transitions, and a little more breathing room between stationary pit equipment and marching performers," Hardin said. Next on DCI.org, George Hopkins will explain (in a video interview) the sound board location rule. This will be featured sometime in the next couple days.