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Season preview with DCI Artistic Director Michael Cesario

Season preview with DCI Artistic Director Michael Cesario

by Dan Potter

In the latest "Field Pass" podcast presented by Ziljdian, host Dan Potter has an in-depth discussion with DCI Artistic Director Michael Cesario detailing what all of this year's World Class corps are putting on the field as their 2013 competitive productions. We've grouped the previews alphabetically into five parts, each between 10 and 15 minutes in length. And, we've also combined all five parts into one, hour-long podcast so you can chose how you'd like to listen—a little at a time or all at once!

Download and listen to the full episode. (MP3, 55:21, 53.3 MB) Part 1: Academy to Blue Stars (MP3, 12:53, 12 MB) Part 2: Bluecoats to Carolina Crown (MP3, 11:17, 10.6 MB) Part 3: Cascades to Madison Scouts (MP3, 11:11, 10.5 MB) Part 4: Mandarins to Phantom Regiment (MP3, 11:30, 10.8 MB) Part 5: Pioneer to Troopers (MP3, 12:56, 12.1 MB) Have a Field Pass question, comment or request? Leave a message for Dan Potter by phone at 317.275.1212 x40 or by e-mail at fieldpass@dci.org. Subscribe to this podcast through iTunes. Become a fan of the Field Pass on Facebook. Visit Zildjian.com.

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