From a Seattle Cascades press release: The Seattle Cascades' 2004 program is titled "Nature's Confession." The show will "use imagery and concepts from nature as a catalyst for a design language." The five movements of the program are:
  • The Sky -- "Showers, Sky Blue," by Scott Boerma and Rob Lewis
  • The Land -- "Savannah River Holiday," by Ron Nelson
  • The Sea -- "The Birth," by Benoit Jutras
  • Tempest -- "Allegro Impetuoso," by Vaclav Nelhybel
  • Finale -- "All Things Bright and Beautiful," by John Rutter The production will "include a variety of musical styles, offering wonderfully familiar music and introducing new compositions into the drum corps medium as well." During the show, the percussion section will make use of numerous timpani and handheld percussive instruments, and the guard will start the show all on sabres.