It is almost unfathomable to think that two years ago, Seattle Cascades was a Division III corps. This year, they have thrown scares into many established Division I corps. You've heard all the Bernstein selections before, but the corps has given each the pieces new life and has branded its own identity on every square inch of the show. It's such an absolute delight to witness the success of this yet-developing corps that if you haven't yet seen them, you might want to be sure you're in Madison in a couple weeks to check it out for yourself; especially for the toe-tapping magic of "Prelude, Fugue and Riffs." Travis Qarles is a 19-year-old second year member of the corps. He's looking forward to the corps having a strong finish, peaking at finals in Madison. He says the season has been good so far, and it was the corps' intent to make a good impression early in the season. That goal was achieved perhaps beyond even the corps members' fondest hopes.