Matt Leide sent in this one. "I worked in the Instant DVD sales both for DCI in Orlando. I took lots of pictures of the marching members watching themselves on TV right after their quarterfinals performances. I was lucky enough to capture this photo of a Colts color guard member watching her video with a tear running down her cheek. I've always loved the photo because I could see the emotion she was experiencing while she watched her corps.

"Fast-forward to April Phantom Regiment camp (where I do some other volunteer stuff); I see a girl and have one of those 'Where have I seen her before?' moments. Within a few moments I realize it was the same girl I took the photo of in Orlando. Bri Scott is a member of the 2004 Phantom Regiment. I've now met her and had a chance to give her a copy of this photo. I've seen her at every camp since and throughout spring training." Thanks Matt!
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