It was the perfect opportunity to look forward to the new season and to pay homage to some recent past. Both of the 2000 Co-Champions had experienced one of their greatest triumphs in Buffalo; the Cadets won their fifth title there in 1990 with a narrow win over the second-place Cavaliers. The Cavies returned the favor in 1995, earning their second championship at the expense of the runner-up Cadets. And of course, bothcorps expect to contend for the title again this year in the very same city.

So when the two corps met on the shores of Lake Erie on June 17th, there seemed to be much more at stake than in your typical early-season match up. The show began with each corps presenting their 2001 show for a panel of judges. However, these were not green-clad DCI experts, but knowledgeable fans chosen from the crowd. Later, the Cadets and the Cavaliers squared off again, performing the their entire shows for the DCI judges' review. In between, two of DCA's past champions staged a senior-corps showdown of their own. In the end the fans and judges agreed on one thing its going to be a great season of drum corps.

The Showdown in Buffalo webcast has been broken down into chapters to make it easier for you to view the performances at your leisure.

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