A showdown of Rocky vs. Apollo magnitude.
The best-of-the-best will meet head to head this Saturday, July 8, at the DCI Indianapolis Central Division Championships. For the first time all season, the top three scoring Division I corps up to this point in the season from the West, Midwest and East, will battle it out for top honors at the RCA Dome in downtown Indianapolis. Coming off hot winning streaks in their respective parts of the country, this is the first time the Cavaliers (82.040), the Cadets (81.980) and Blue Devils (81.960) will meet head to head on the same field of competition. These three corps are all undefeated to date, and only one will likely remain so after Saturday night. In addition, perennial top finisher Bluecoats (81.050), who has been nipping at the heels of all three of these corps, and Carolina Crown, Madison Scouts and Glassmen, among other corps, will be staking their claims at this Drum Corps International major event. Great seats are still available for this event which includes two shows for the price of one ticket. The Division II, III and all-age corps will duke it out starting at noon to earn the right to perform again at the 6 p.m. event as the top scoring corps in each division. Whether or not you can make it out in person, be part of the excitement by following all of the DCI Indianapolis action on the DCI Season Pass. DCI Season Pass event coverage will bring you video clips, in depth interviews and more, giving you complete insider-access to all of Saturday's upsets, surprises and Cinderella stories. View the DCI Central Division Championships lineups.