Nick Strauss, a contrabass player for the Vanguard Cadets, submitted this one:

"The picture is of Aaron, one of the horn staff members of the Vanguard Cadets from 2002. Somewhere near the end of the season, all the instructors got together at the end of a rehearsal, got the instrument or piece of equipment that they used to march when they were in the corps and did 8s-and-8s, high mark time, from end zone to end zone. As they started, the determination, emotion and devotion in their eyes was unbelievable.

"At around the 50-yard line, they were already breaking out into tears. After they got to the other end zone, almost everyone was crying, including myself. Then, when they went to parade rest it was completely silent with the exception of a few rustling of corn stalks mixed with four-foot-tall grass and people sniffling.

"And watching them had reminded me the great and immeasurable amount of respect I have for these individuals and also, why I had joined Santa Clara. Furthermore, it was by far, the coolest thing I have ever seen.

"P.S. -- A couple of the horns that were being marched had to be fixed for our show the next day because the metal was so badly warped from the instructors going to parade rest at the end zone."

Thanks Nick!

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