Katie Racki submitted this photo and caption.

This photo was taken by Kaarin Phelps, a member of the Citations, at the DCI World Championship Finals in 2009 while waiting in line in the tunnel before the finale. In this photo are Phil Kennedy (left, Spartans '03-'07, Citations '08-'09), Katie Racki (middle, Spartans '04-'07, Citations '08-'09) and the drum major of Citations Dave Macuga (right, Spartans '04-'07, Citations '08-'09). The three of us have marched the past six years together starting in 2004. This would be the last time we would all be in the same corps, wearing the same uniform, experiencing the same memories, and receiving our last medal together. This picture not only shows our accomplishments through six years, but also a life-long friendship.