A drum corps fan sent this photo.

Attached is a photo of a very special drum corps fan. This is Adam Boyd of Murfreesboro, Tenn. Adam (yellow shirt) has been a devout fan of the drum corps activity for many years, and especially a huge fan of the Santa Clara Vanguard.

Brandon Hughes of Magnolia, Texas, a rookie member of Santa Clara Vanguard's 2007 trumpet section, had been made aware of Adam's drum corps interest back during the corps' monthly rehearsals early in the season. Brandon and Adam became quick friends with their mutual love of drum corps, and began the old fashioned form of communicating as "snail-mail pen pals." Although they had never met or spoken on the phone, they shared many letters back and forth talking about anything and everything about drum corps and Santa Clara Vanguard.

Adam is certainly a special young man with downs syndrome. He has so much knowledge about all the corps, and facts and stats of many years of performances of different corps, that he could probably be a commentator for the event! He is truly a fan.

Brandon and Adam finally had an opportunity to meet face to face after many months of letters at the Masters of the Summer Music Games in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Brandon invited Adam to come watch Santa Clara Vanguard's rehearsal and then after that night's performance, took Adam back to the lot to introduce him to the corps members which according to Adam's mom, was probably one of Adam's biggest dreams come true!

Brandon and the Santa Clara Vanguard presented Adam with a corps shirt signed by many of the members. Adam was thrilled beyond words!