SoundSport®, a program of Drum Corps International providing showcases for performing arts ensembles of all sizes, experience levels and instrumentation, is pleased to announce two new event classes, SoundSport Challenge Class and SoundSport Festival Class, which are launching internationally in 2016.

Following two seasons of international event production experience for smaller groups in this exciting format and some 45 years of providing the stage for the world’s most elite and exclusive marching music ensembles taking part in the annual Drum Corps International Tour, SoundSport is expanding event offerings to accommodate all levels of musical ensembles—from upstart groups and community bands to the most highly trained and competitive performance ensembles.

Over the last 12 months, SoundSport event organizers have tested systems in a variety of performance settings, each exploring opportunities to build upon the evaluation and adjudication systems and philosophies already in place to promote the artistic growth and fun for participants and entertainment for their audiences. Based upon the findings of these tests and input received from many parties, SoundSport is pleased to introduce the following new structure:

SoundSport® Festival Class

• Removes scoring system, focuses instead on group participation in music-making activities
• Celebrates participation and musical diversity
• Engages all experience levels and types of musical ensembles

SoundSport® Medalist Class

• New name for the flagship SoundSport standard-setting events
• Assists in development of fledgling competitive ensembles, musical circuits, and more
• Adjudication system focuses on pursuit and achievement of excellence in performance

SoundSport® Challenge Class

• Maintains the tenets of SoundSport (excellence in entertainment, showmanship and musical performance), adding adjudicated ranking and scoring in a competitive format
• Encourages continued development of advanced performers, ensembles and circuits

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