From a Spirit press release: While Alabama hasn't had the extreme winter effects that have recently played havoc with many drum corps camps around the country, unseasonable cold and wet conditions that have raised spring fever to fever pitch, especially at the college campus of JSU.   But temperatures reached the 70s under sunny skies this weekend in Jacksonville, and there were sunny attitudes to match if the amount of work accomplished by the Spirit drum and bugle corps is any indication. A full horn line and percussion section worked diligently with the full staff on rewrites and new music during the Friday and Saturday evening sessions. The corps is now playing nearly three-quarters of its 2003 production, "Time." The latest piece to be ensembled was Horace Silver's "Nutville." It sounds like it will be what the crowd wants, although expect some surprises! What a sound.   The lush "Somewhere in Time" and the driving "Whirr, Whirr, Whirr!" (a.k.a. "Vertical Momentum" in these parts!) are in sharp contrast to the somber "October." There is a lot of variety in Spirit's program this year, and the excitement at the music blocks was so tangible you could cut it with a knife. The "Somewhere in Time" production (the "introduction" of the program) took form in many ways. The time motifs presented musically in the colorful brass and percussion writing have now been embellished by an effective visual program! The first Michael Gaines drill for Spirit was taught Saturday morning. The full corps -- brass, battery, pit -- marched and played "Somewhere in Time" on Sunday afternoon to a small and very enthusiastic crowd. It is a minute-and-a-half of magic that has lit a fire in this corps, a fire that burns in every determined members eye until it can be rekindled in four weeks when the corps reunites for its next camp. When the guard returns in late April things are really gonna get started! How long til' "All Days?"