From a Spirit from JSU press release: Spirit from JSU's 2004 program will be called "The Architecture of Life." The corps will explore four "scapes" of life including "Mindscape," "Dreamscape," "Soundscape" and "Urbanscape." "Mindscape" will explore similarities and differences of the right and left side of the brain, illustrating the analytical and creative sides of the human mind. Listen for original music by Richard Saucedo (who will also serve as the corps' music arranger) during this movement that will be both rhythmic and lyrical. "Dreamscape" will create a very ethereal, yet melodic musical picture that will include handbells and metallic sounds utilizing the symphonic wind music of Ron Nelson's "Sonoran Desert Holiday." "Soundscape" will be a treat to the ears, as musical roles in the performers will be reversed. Listen for a rhythmic hornbook and melodic percussion ensemble book. This movement will explore timbre, sonority, sound effect and percussion sounds that will create a wide spectrum of sound and color for both brass and percussion ensembles. As well, this movement will contain original treatments of music. The final movement, "Urbanscape," will be focused around life in the traditional city of the 1940s and 1950s and how life in the modern city has evolved to the fast-paced lifestyle that it is today. Music from Leonard Bernstein's "On the Town" and Michael Daugherty's "Bizarro" will serve as the musical palate for this movement. David Starnes, who will serve as Spirit's program coordinator, will again head the Spirit design team. Also returning to the design team for 2004 is Michael Gaines, who will serve as the drill writer and visual consultant. Clint Gillespie will be Spirit's percussion arranger and coordinator. New to the design team this year will be Randy Nelson, who will serve as the visual coordinator, overseeing the drill and color guard programs. The caption heads for Spirit will be Jimmy Steele (brass), Nick Angelis (percussion), Stacey Flannery (guard) and Johnnie Green (visual).