From a Spirit press release: Spirit from JSU and Director Ken Bodiford are pleased to announce their 2006 production entitled, "Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue." The corps will be kicking off a year-long celebration this season, culminating in the observance of the 30th anniversary of its founding in the winter of 1976. The program has been designed to pay homage to the organization's past, while recognizing the present.

The corps will treat audiences to an "old" Spirit favorite as the show opens with a remake of the powerful Spirit melody, "Old Man River." This section of the show will also juxtapose the great jazz standard "That Old Black Magic." Together with the craftsmanship of arranger Richard Saucedo, this section of the show will give new life to these "old," yet very recognizable melodies.

The next section of the show will explore a "new" melody to the drum corps repertoire as the corps performs the beautiful and rich harmonies of composer Aaron Zigman. Music from the soundtrack of "The Notebook" will provide a memorable ballad with a picturesque sound that puts the listener in a southern postcard of harmonic textures, colors, and expressive melodic material. Not only will the music provide a passionate sound, but the visual opportunities for the color guard will reach audiences and share with them the character that is the warmth of this unforgettable melody.

Spirit will "borrow" a melody from the Buddy Rich big band library in the exciting, yet technically challenging selection entitled, "The Waltz of the Mushroom Hunters." This selection will highlight the brass and percussion sections in "vignette" fashion as the melodic and rhythmic textures converse in heart pounding compositionry. The excitement of this "borrowed" melody will provide a "nuevo-jazz" harmonic style and create excitement in both the audience and performers alike.

The final section of the show, "Blue," creates a merged musical ambiance of the jazz standard, "Blues in the Night," and Frank Ticheli's wind score of "Blue Shades." Together, the differing styles of "blues" will produce a tonal backdrop for multiple layers of blue in the visual program. As a bookend to Spirit's 30th anniversary theme, listen for familiar strains of material when Spirit first brought "the blues" to the outdoor stage in 1983.

The Spirit design team looks forward to giving audiences a trip back in time to celebrate this very special summer with the corps while introducing them to new music as well. The design team, headed by program coordinator David Starnes, includes Randy Nelson (visual and staff coordinator), Richard Saucedo (music arranger), Michael Gaines (visual designer) and Clint Gillespie (percussion arranger).