Spirit opens its Holsinger "Symphonia Resurrectus" show with such an intense level of violent intensity, one might wonder if the RCA Dome will deflate itself in submission. This is a "take no prisoners" presentation of the ability of brass and percussion to drill a hole into your brain and scramble the contents like a tray of eggs. The level of angst is so overwhelming that when the lovely chorale opens some sunshine on the production, the "ooooo" effect is absolutely spine tingling. The exuberance of the final production puts the opening torment to bed as the corps and audience are brought into a sunny environment where one's troubles are but distant memories.Patrick Hollingsworth is a 22-year-old student at Jacksonville State University, as well as a marcher for the past five years. He's been pleased with the season thus far, and says that JSU's embrace of the corps has been a godsend to the corps, taking the unit to new heights with better equipment and a great teaching staff.