St. John's of Brantford, Ontario's cook vehicles were in an accident this early this morning in Erie, Pa. The corps' leased highway coach and equipment truck were not involved in the accident and all the corps members, instruction staff, rest of the chaperones and drivers are fine, according to Sandy Wallace, the corps' business manager. The corps was on its way to the Winston-Salem show when the two vehicles flipped on the highway after being clipped by a passing transport. The driver and passenger of the cook truck were checked out at the hospital and are both fine and back with the corps. The corps has now rented a vehicle to get what they can salvage from the cook wagon and head to Winston-Salem later this afternoon for the show tomorrow. The 2001 Ford truck pulling the corps kitchen was purchased three months ago by the corps in preparation for the Florida trip. It is believed right now that the corps insurance will cover most of the loss.