Based on recent reporting, Drum Corps International has been made aware of claims made by former performers and employees of a participating organization against the director of that organization.

DCI is deeply concerned about these accusations and anyone who may have been subjected to or affected by behavior which is not in keeping with our core values.

As a cooperative association of individual groups, Drum Corps International is committed to fostering mutual care and respect among, between and within its participating ensembles and member organizations. DCI treats all with dignity, courtesy, attention and appreciation; and seeks these traits without exception in all others with whom it engages.

In any situation where a participating organization or its constituents are alleged to have violated DCI's code of conduct policies and values, DCI reaches out to the participating organization to assess what it is doing to ensure that such allegations are thoroughly investigated and that any substantiated allegations are promptly and fully addressed. Further, DCI will seek information regarding what steps a participating organization is taking to ensure that it fosters a healthy, constructive and safe environment for all participants, and may also seek assurances that the participating organization’s continued involvement is consistent with DCI policies. Failure to adhere to DCI policies and expectations can result in DCI terminating its relationship with that participating organization. 

DCI was unaware of the specific allegations highlighted in the recent article. We take these allegations seriously, and in addition to reaching out to the participating organization, DCI will also conduct its own internal review to determine whether any current members of our staff were aware of these allegations and failed to report them, as required by DCI policy.

In addition, DCI continues to review and update its policies, procedures and practices – with the goal of educating and increasing awareness to all who participate in its sanctioned programs and activities. From its global leadership position, DCI will continue to work diligently to promote a positive, safe and educationally appropriate environment for tens of thousands of students, instructors, administrators, volunteers, partners and supporters.