Emily Brown, who marched with the Blue Stars in 2002 in the pit, and I'm marching this year in the guard (flag). "This is a picture of me and my brother Michael, who marched Phantom Regiment center snare in 2002. He also marched snare for Minnesota Brass Inc. in 2000 and 2001. He is the main reason I'm doing drum corps. When I was little I'd always go to his marching band parades or his winter drum line shows, so when I got old enough I joined those. In 2000 and 2001 when I'd go watch Minnesota Brass practice, I started to see how much my brother enjoyed it. He has shown me what it takes to make it into drum corps. He has shown me that it takes lots of dedication, tears, sweat and heart to go places. Since I've never done color guard in my life, this year is a challenge for me, but my brother is always right there encouraging me. My brother has truly shown me the compassion he had for drum corps that I now have. The Blue Stars have also shown me what it takes. The Blue Stars are my family and without them and my brother to help me I'd be lost. Thank you all!" Thanks Emily! We're running out! Send us more of your Forzato submissions!
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