Submitted by Saul R.

The drummers in this photo are from the left: Diane Lauria Breen, Saul Rubin, Tony Serrano, Rick Morales, David Maldonado, and Ron Daw.

Diane, Tony, Rick, Ron and I played together and marched together 37 years ago as members of the Silhouettes D&BC and the Miami Vanguard D&BC, both based in South Florida.

We were performing as members of the Florida Brass Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps based in Lakeland, Florida. We played in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Vero Beach, Florida on Saturday, March 10, 2012.

Prior to that day, the five of us had one rehearsal in February, which was our first get-together after 37 years. We have a fantastic time when we have the opportunity to be together and play together. Being part of that D&BC sound after so many years is quite exciting for all of us.