Following his performance in Kalamazoo, Mich. on Saturday, June 30, 21-year-old Memphis Sound drum major Andrew Snead talked with's Christina Mavroudis about the 2007 season. Christina Mavroudis: Tell me a little bit about how well Memphis Sound performed tonight.

Andrew Snead
Andrew Snead: It was fantastic. Everything went very well. We worked on quite a few things today in our ensemble rehearsal block and everything clicked on the field tonight. CM: Tell me a little bit about Memphis Sound's 2007 production. AS: We're performing a show called "Harmonic Voices," which incorporates the music of Karl Jenkins, Eric Whitacre and Verdi. CM: This is your second year in the corps. How does this year compare to last year? AS: This year seems like a much stronger start. Every day we get stronger, and things are really looking up. We've already beat our scores from midseason last year, so we're very thrilled about that. Things are looking very good. CM: Did you have a strong return rate of members from last year to this year? AS: It's about a 50 percent return rate from last year. We had some administrative changes this year, but things have really worked out for the best for us. CM: You said you had an interesting story about getting to the show? AS: Last night on our way to our housing site, what would have been a three hour trip, took us six hours due to some traffic delays, on top of some troubles with the buses. But even when we face our worst odds, we still come out for the best. CM: What are the corps' plans for the rest of the summer? AS: We're looking forward to continuing this season all the way through to the 2007 World Championships in Pasadena!