From the Cavaliers' Web site: The Chicagoland area lived up to its name on Friday when the day started out at about 65 degrees and by the time the camp began it was about 40 degrees and 50-60 mph winds (Windy City)! There were a large number of delayed flights and a few were even cancelled, causing a small bit of panic for some of our Cavalier members flying in from all parts. Most everyone got in on Friday night -- some late. A few of the boys actually arrived the next morning, after having their flights cancelled Friday night (twice!), only to have their luggage lost by the time they arrived at O'Hare on Saturday morning! We did actually get to rehearse Friday night, although the brass started a little later because of the flight delays (staff included). Everything rolled very positively into the evening snack, with the percussion learning their parts (which they had received through the beauty that is e-mail at least eight to 10 days ago) and the brass running through their warm-ups and technical exercises. Saturday was considered productive by those who were running the rehearsals and intense (maybe even at some points - brutal?). Allow me to explain: The brass stretched right away Saturday morning, while the percussion warmed up. Pat Erwin, Scott Seal and Bill Wiggins ran a basic marching session with the horns while the percussion learned more music and mentally prepared for their first jaunt with Randy Bichler (our physical trainer) in more than four years. "Why Us?" they asked. Let's just say that from 10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. there were a lot of guys wishing their flights had been cancelled, at least until Saturday afternoon (wait until they feel the fire from their muscles on Monday). "I told you this was coming!" After literally stumbling, crawling and moaning through lunch, the brass took off for Triton, while the percussion stayed at Rosemont -- thank goodness, as a few members of the battery might not have made the first step up onto the bus. Meanwhile, the percussion was slated to do basics later that evening. Can you say stretch, again? Read more.