From a Strutters press release: The Strutters' 2005 production, entitled "We Will Draw Near," is the celebration of music without boundaries, and is designed to bring people together without the distraction of words or any one particular style of music. "We Will Draw Near" is based on the musical concept of Adiemus, which combines European classical tradition with elements of ethnic and world music. Adiemus is a new-age music project founded and composed by Karl Jenkins. Since Adiemus has risen around the world, it has become a growing entity meaning different things to different people. Vocally, the spread of influence grows wider all the time, taking in Arabic, African and Celtic sounds. The percussion explores unique sounds from Japan, India, and China. In the words of Karl Jenkins, "The text in Adiemus is written phonetically with the words viewed as instrumental sound. The human voice is the oldest instrument and by removing the distraction of lyrics, we hope to create a sound that is universal and timeless." The knowledge that Adiemus loosely means "We will draw near" in Latin invokes what we feel to be an appropriate concept of bringing people together. Our selections, from the album "Songs of Sanctuary," include the self-titled track "Adiemus," as well as selections from their third album, entitled "Dances of Time." This music should be somewhere to escape to as we draw you near to the sounds of all cultures.