For the summer of 2004 the Strutters and Allegiance Elite drum corps will combine resources, equipment, volunteers, staff and members to travel and perform together. "This is a very exciting and yet not new thing happening. These two groups have come together in past years to help each other out when membership seemed bleak. Every time the groups did this it made the corps stronger and bigger for the following year," according to a statement on the Strutters' Web site. "This is being done for many reasons, such as a immediate increase in membership and quality of staff which will provide a better performance for the drum corps fans. More importantly, it's to create awareness to the drum corps world, the province if Alberta and our two cities that the drum corps activity is still here and there are many talented members and staff who choose to remain in these areas for the simple fact that we want to continue to introduce the great activity of drum and bugle corps to the province of Alberta and showcase all our talent to the rest of the world," according to the Strutters' Web site. The combined corps' first camp will be held in Calgary, Alberta, from Friday, Nov. 21 to Sunday, November 23.