From an Edmonton Strutters press release: The Edmonton Strutters successfully completed their May long weekend camp May 20 to May 23 up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The members made great progress on the 2005 show, entitled "We Will Draw Near." The corps topped the weekend off with a performance for the Queen of England in Commonwealth Stadium with a huge crowd cheering them on. The Strutters rose to the occasion as the temperature was in the negative degrees Celsius with freezing rain, but they still went out in new Strutters style and gave a great show. "It was a great opportunity not to mention a once in a life time chance that the Strutters are very proud to have been a part of," said corps director Dennie Hirsch. "This is the first time this season all the members were together, including some of our members and staff coming from California, Georgia, Oregon, Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and all parts of Canada. It was awesome to have everyone in the same place at the same time to bring together what is going to be a great Drum Corps for this 2005 DCI season," Hirsch said.