Oh, where to begin. Thursday's Quarterfinals had so many surprises up and down the board that hardly anything was set in stone as we advance into Semifinals.The corps not advancing into Semifinals offered a few surprises as Kiwanis Kavaliers (23rd-72.5) was topped by Patriots (22nd-72.6). All Division I corps 21st place and above qualify as DCI Member Corps for the coming year. Division II corps Capital Regiment (21st-73.45) and Spartans (20th-73.8) topped Division I Troopers (19th-76.2) and Pioneer (18th), the latter corps out of Semifinals by a scant .05.One of the big news items for corps heading into Semifinals is that Seattle Cascades (17th-79.35) have declared themselves a Division I corps for the coming year, joining Mandarins (16th-80.85) as the second 2001 Division II corps to perform on Friday night. Southwind (15th-82.05) finds themselves in between the corps advancing from Division II and the most interesting logjam in years in the group of corps trying to make finals.Four corps are within .2 of each other, an astounding development that will make Friday a day of unprecedented tension and excitement. Spirit from JSU (14th-84.5) is only .05 under Blue Knights (13th-84.55), but the big news is who is barely sitting in 12th and 11th places. Madison Scouts' 12th place score of 84.65 shocked the audience, who were unaware the corps picked up a 3.6 timing penalty. Carolina Crown (11th-84.7) also was assessed a timing penalty of 2.5. These unexpected penalties through fans in a tizzy and added much to the anticipation of Friday's Semifinals.Colts (10th-86.4) are currently in a group all by themselves, topped by Boston Crusaders (9th-88.55). Bluecoats (8th-89.7 and Crossmen (7th-90.4) are close enough to be aiming for Phantom Regiment (6th-90.55). Glassmen (5th-93.8) are shooting to once again be on the PBS broadcast. Santa Clara Vanguard (4th-94.9) still has hope to break into the top three with a super performance on Friday.It's a real bloodbath in the top three. The Cadets (3rd-96.7) sit just .05 under Blue Devils (2nd-96.75), while The Cavaliers (1st-97.2) are surely not taking anything for granted as they know everyone else is gunning for them.Stay tuned to see what happens at Friday's Semifinals. It is bound to create as many questions as it will answer, leading us into Saturday with many fans sure to be biting their nails.