Madison, Wis., DCI Division II & III World Championships Preliminaries – Taipei, Taiwan's Taipei Yuefu, who debated about exiting the international division to march as a straight Division II corps late last week (but ultimately decided to stay in the internaional division), turned in a strong performance early this evening in Madison, scoring 85.85. Allen Li, 21, a snare drummer, said "Even though this is our first year in competition, we are all doing pretty well." Li said that sleeping on gym floors and the difficulties of doing laundry on the road makes touring a challenge, but he also added, "Everything is worth it. Seeing the audience makes it all worth it."Taipei's drum major demonstrated a unique ability to fluidly conduct a difficult Hemiola musical passage (a musical rhythmic alteration consisting of three beats in place of two or two beats in place of three).