By Marc Paulo Guzman
The Big Apple -- taxis honking, people shopping, tourists sight-seeing, subway trains zooming beneath the street pavements -- this is NYC.

A Quest guard member at a recent rehearsal.
In an area just about two miles away from the former World Trade Center site, surrounded by tall skyscrapers and busy streets, it is often very hard to think that a drum and bugle corps would even exist. But in the midst of the great city is a talented young group of about 45 members strong. Don't be fooled by the age of these young adults. They may be young, but some of them have six, seven, eight or even nine years of marching experience under their belts. Quest, of Brooklyn, N.Y., is a Division III corps that is based around Brooklyn as well as lower Manhattan. The color guard is busy tossing sabres, and spinning flags, while the brass, percussion, and pit are busy rehearsing their 2003 production -- "The Planets – Mars" by Gustav Holst. With the drill work just starting and the color guard work being integrated to the show, the puzzle pieces are finally connecting, on the way to the big picture.
Look out Orlando -- Quest is coming right up your doorstep and they guarantee that they will blow you away!