From a Teal Sound press release: Teal Sound will play the music of the New York art/metal band Dream Theater in their 2004 program, titled, "The Music of Dream Theater." With their epic songs and dazzling virtuosity, Long Island's Dream Theater are the premiere purveyors of complex, progressive art-metal. Combining thrash and theatricality with their amazing technical proficiency, guitarist John Petrucci and company have earned legions of devoted fans worldwide. For the last decade Dream Theater has been playing with fire. While some bands seek out a cool safe spot to avoid being burned by risky undertakings, this quintet travels headlong into the blaze, fusing such diverse genres as metal, jazz and classical. Not many groups could stand that close to the flame and come away unscathed, but Dream Theater has proven it time after time while continuing to ignite a world-wide fan base hungry for the band's next musical challenge. The band's music is perfect for drum corps. The highs, the lows, hard drive rhythms, the numerous time changes and the finger burning passages pack a unique and entertaining drum corps show. For more info visit