Drum Corps International has received a statement from the board of directors of the Teal Sound Drum and Bugle Corps, announcing its decision to suspend operations for the remainder of the 2012 season, effective immediately.

"We are saddened to learn of the loss of this great drum corps from the balance of the 2012 DCI Tour," said Drum Corps International Executive Director and CEO Dan Acheson. "Drum Corps International and its board fully support the decision of the Teal Sound board of directors to take prompt and responsible action in the face of fiscal challenges. We will continue to work with the organization as they regroup in the off-season. We wish them the very best in those efforts."

From Teal Sound's board of directors:

The Board of Directors of the Teal Sound Drum and Bugle Corps has made the difficult decision to end its 2012 tour immediately following tonight's performance in Centerville, Ohio. Although extremely disappointing for everyone and after considerable discussion and the remarkable generosity of many great people, our board has determined that in order to ensure the safety and best possible experience for our members, it is best to cease our touring operations for the remainder of this season effective immediately. The corps will begin the return trip to Florida on Tuesday, July 10.

Over the course of the past week, Teal Sound and its board have worked closely with Drum Corps International and Executive Director Dan Acheson in an attempt to address mounting financial and logistical challenges facing the organization. DCI and its board of directors have worked on our behalf since becoming aware of our difficulties and have been extremely supportive of our efforts. We cannot thank them enough for their consideration and assistance and for their understanding as we announce this difficult decision.

We sincerely apologize to the members of Teal Sound for having to end the season early and to fans of drum corps who were expecting the corps to perform at events throughout the country. Although difficult, we are confident that this is the right decision for our organization.

We will seize this opportunity to raise additional funds and address areas of opportunity within our operation to ensure a bright future for the Teal Sound and all of its members.