Kent Lineberry, a tenor tech for the Colts (he's been on the percussion staff since 2000, and marched in the Colts tenor line from 1996 to 1999), e-mailed us this photo. "This is a picture of the storm that was brewing on semifinals day (the storm that eventually delayed the start of semifinals competition). I took this shot from the ground in front of the guys in the warmup arc, because I wanted them to know what I saw behind them. Not pictured is Michael Valdez (he'd be on the extreme left). On the left side is Jake Tovson, then moving right it's Carl "Pip" Curtis, Aaron Domeier and Alexis Abril.

"I was worried that they wouldn't get to perform that night, but luckily the storm passed, and they made a statement about what the 2004 Colts were about. I could not have been more proud of them on that day. I was very honored to have three age-outs in my section, and they ended their marching careers in a way that they will always remember: As a band of brothers."

Thanks Kent!
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