Brian Black submitted this photo and caption.

I marched my second summer in '09 with the Racine Scouts, and I was happy to march with all these fine kids from Texas. It was hard enough leaving half of our group in Indianapolis after the World Championships, but it was even harder saying goodbye to this awesome group! Left to Right: Tasha Mathews ('09 guard), Brittany Aaron ('09 baritone), Jesus Castro ('08 trumpet, '09 Mellophone), Kenny Hauser ('08 - '09 contra/age-out), (Tyler Cobb's little brother didn't march with us this summer, maybe next year?), Briana Brown ('09 guard), Stephen Macias ('09 snare), Monique Williams ('08 - '09 tenors/age-out), Houtson Stephens ('09 snare), Robert "Panda" Cantu ('09 contra), Tyler Cobb ('09 baritone), Brian Black ('08 - '09 baritone), Leesha Siebold ('09 drum major), Justin Brown ('08 - '09 trumpet).