Dear fans of DCI: Drum Corps International is more than just the corps, more than just the volunteers and professionals that work behind the scenes to make the show happen. It's YOU -- our fans -- who make drum corps such a
wonderful youth activity. It's the parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents who cheer on their relatives. It's alumni who hoot and holler for their team. It's friends supporting friends. It's fans who never marched but just love to watch these amazing audio-visual performances. Your support and attendance has built DCI from the days of the VFW and American Legion to the strong international organization it is today. And there's more to come. Our beloved activity is secure. Attendance at DCI shows is up again this year, and the fan base is growing. Financially, DCI has never been in better shape. And, thanks to you, our corps played to screaming audiences all year round. If you ask the members, they'll tell you they do it for a lot of reasons, but the common thread, the predominate motivation, is performing for you. Thank you for all of your continued support, and we'll see you in Denver!