Addison, IL – The Drum Corps International office has been flooded with e-mails and letters from several fans who attended the World Championships in Madison, WI last week. We appreciate the input from some of the most dedicated fans and incredible people our activity has the pleasure of knowing. While the DCI office has grown accustomed to receiving many critical comments on behalf of the corps and the organization for a variety of issues, we have never received the quantity of praises that are coming in at such a rapid pace. The corps and the DCI office and event staff believe we are in touch with all the matters that need to be addressed to offer an even better experience for the participants and the fans in the future, but we are truly grateful for all those who have taken the time to share great stories about championships week and such positive comments regarding the efforts of the corps and the event staff.In the midst of the post season clean up we are diligently working to put forth another exciting Drum Corps International season for 2003. Thank you for taking the time to send praises, as well as, concerns. This is fuel for a highly dedicated group of people that is working hard to continue a tradition of excellence and excitement.