Setting Camp Randall Stadium afire with a blazing program of south-of-the-border classics, the Academy defended its undefeated record in Division II competition to win its first DCI World Championship, even more impressive in that the corps undertook its first-ever national tour this year. The corps also took top caption honors in brass performance and general effect and received the Division II Spirit of Disney Award. Impulse won its first Division Championship by winning the Division III gold medal with a show featuring music from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," also capturing honors for best performances in general effect, percussion and color guard. In addition, the corps is taking home the Division III Spirit of Disney Award.

The Division II & III finalists gather on the field for finale.
The Academy (1st-95.625) was challenged hard by Division II silver medalist East Coast Jazz (2nd-95.075), the two-time Division II Champion substantially closing a 1.925 gap from Division II Semifinals. Three-time champion Spartans (3rd-94.025) won the best color guard performance in Division II. Oregon Crusaders (4th-92.675) almost medaled based on second place finishes in general effect music and music ensemble. Vanguard Cadets (5th-89.525) edged Bay Area rivals Blue Devils "B" (6th-89.350) primarily by scoring .95 higher in percussion. Jersey Surf (7th-86.175) was followed by Division III gold medalist Impulse (8th-84.975) and Memphis Sound (9th-84.225), with Division III silver medalist Revolution (10th-83.950) taking top division honors for best brass and visual performances. Teal Sound (11th-80.700) just edged Division III bronze medalist Raiders (12th-80.500). The Outstanding Drum Major, determined by podium expertise and a personal interview, went to Traci Finch of Revolution for Division III and Chris Goodson of Memphis Sound for Division II. The honor for Most Improved Corps, voted on by fellow directors, went to Revolution in Division III and Colt Cadets in Division II. The Outstanding Corps Director for Division III was presented to Edward Martin of Yamato and for Division II was awarded to Mark Richardson of the Academy.